Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We're Back and We've Moved Again

This blog, old as it is, still gets occasional traffic from - I presume - the few loyal readers who remember it fondly from the Old Days (only on the internet could 2 1/2 years be considered ancient history), so I thought I would let those few know the next time they came back that Trenches is once more in business.

You can find the new Dispatch from the Trenches on WordPress. I've imported all the posts I wrote here, and you can find your favorites, should you have any, by using the Search function at the top of the sidebar. Unlike the Google Search Blogger uses, this one actually works and a keyword or two should find whatever you're looking for double-quick.

Some recent posts include:

Developing White collar Unions, Pt 1 (first in a series)

Retirement in the Age of the Ownership Society: Keep Working

Wal-Mart's Phony Health Care


Unions and Conservative Conservation Group Hook Up

among others.

Hope to see you there, and thanks for your continued support.